Did You Know Lily Plants are Poisonous to Cats???

Dec 20, 2009 @ 07:34 AM — by Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital
Tagged with: Feline Health Alert

Easter Lilies, Tiger Lilies, Japanese lilies, daylilies and other members of the Liliacae family can cause kidney failure and death in cats. All parts of the plant including the stem, leaf, flower, and even the pollen can cause clinical signs. Small amounts of the plant ingested(one leaf) even pollen on the coat(ingested by grooming) can be fatal if not recognized early. Vomiting, poor appetite, depression are seen early in exposure usually within two hours and progression of unrecognized toxin leads to elevation in kidney enzymes, increased phosphorus and potassium within 24-72 hours. Treatment involves decontamination including induction of vomiting, activated charcoal treatment and early intervention with intravenous fluid to flush the kidneys. It is crucial that exposure to these common flowers (used in arrangements/bouquets especially for Easter/holidays/gifts) is recognized early and aggressive treatment is initiated to improve the success rates of these cases.

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