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Never leave your pet in a parked car. It’s extremely dangerous. Even a “quick stop” at the store could cost your pet its life. Before you know it, that short stop you planned to make can stretch to 15 minutes or more. Leaving the windows cracked will not cool the car long enough to protect your pet, but if the windows are left open too much your pet may escape into traffic or be abducted. A dog’s normal body temperature is 101.5 to 102.2 degrees. On a 70 degree day, the car temperature can rise above 150 degrees in minutes. A dog can withstand a body temperature of 107-108 degrees for only a very short time before suffering irreparable brain damage–and even death. Without emergency care, your pet could die very quickly! Of course your dog would love to go everywhere with you, but when the temperatures rise, your pet is safest at home. You and your pet will enjoy summer together best when you exercise caution, and take no chances.

Any pet can suffer from heat stress. However, the most susceptible are:

  • Very young and elderly pets
  • Pets with any previous history of heat stress
  • Short-nosed breeds
  • Overweight pets
  • Pets with any cardiovascular or respiratory disorders

You can help prevent heat stress–here’s how:

  • Provide plenty of clean, fresh water at all times
  • Provide adequate ventilation and air circulation whenever pets are at all confined
  • Provide adequate shade whenever pets are outdoors
  • Avoid excessive exercise of pets in extreme heat
  • Never leave pets in a parked vehicle–It’s the number one cause of heatstroke!

Please share this information with any friends or pet owners who may not be aware of these dangers!

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