Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital's Pet Dental Health Photo Contest: We want to see your pet’s smile!

Feb 4, 2014 @ 10:57 AM — by Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital
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In honor of National Pet Dental Health Month, Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital is hosting a photo contest on our Facebook page. To enter, please “Like” our Facebook Fan Page. Next, you may send us a photo of you brushing your pet’s teeth by either emailing it to contact@ridgewoodvet.com or by sending it in a private Facebook message. For tips on how to do this, see this instructional video with Dr. Dean Cerf. We will then upload your photo to a special album for the Pet Dental Health Photo contest right here on Facebook. To find your pet’s photo, visit our Facebook page, click on Photos, and then click on Albums on the top right, and you will see the contest album. Once you find your photo in our Albums section, feel free to share, comment and like it, because the photo with the most “likes” wins!! This contest starts NOW! And it will end on March 14th at 3pm EST. Winners will be revealed by March 21st. ***Before entering the contest, please read the full rules, regulations and instructions in our Notes section.***



The Doctors and Staff of Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital want to care for and pamper your pets. Our prizes reflect this with gifts that offer preventative care and good grooming. Prevention always gives you the best opportunity to live a long and happy life with your pet.



• Heartworm/Lyme/Erlichia/Anaplasmosis Test and Choice of Heartworm, Flea and Tick Prevention for 1 year; prescription required for Heartworm medication, ($328.86-$438.86 Value, depending on dog or cat and size)

• Free DOG Grooming ($30-$142 Value, depending on breed)

• Dental Basket ($55-$65 Value)

*Total 1st Prize Value: $413.86-645.86*



• $100 RVH Gift Certificate 

• Free DOG Grooming ($30-$142 Value, depending on breed)

• Dental Basket ($55-$65 Value)

*Total 2nd Prize Value: $185-$307*



• $50 RVH Gift Certificate

• Free DOG Grooming ($30-$142 Value, depending on breed)

• Dental Basket ($55-$65 Value)

*Total 3rd Prize Value: $135-$257*


Remember, the photo with most “likes” wins so please email us your photo entry today and share the Pet Dental Health smiles! Thank you!

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