Free Dental Screenings and Discounted Fees

Apr 10, 2014 @ 02:14 PM — by Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital
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National Pet Dental Health Month

Free Dental Screenings and Discounted Fees

Less Pain for Pets and More Savings for You

The American Veterinary Medical Association has pronounced that February is National Pet Dental Health Month to bring awareness to pet owners that pets are just as susceptible to periodontal disease as people. Without regular cleaning, dental tartar can build up and cause all the pain and discomfort we associate with gum disease. The gums can recede and expose the roots of the teeth, which can become infected. Teeth can become loose, and then fall out or need to be extracted prematurely. Infected teeth and gums can spread bacteria throughout the body to organs such as the liver, heart, and kidneys, with potentially fatal results.

Just as some people need their teeth cleaned every six months and some once in three years, each animal should be evaluated individually for a dental schedule.  The two most important things to remember is that six months in a pet’s life is equivalent to three years in a human life but, most importantly, that your pet can’t tell you when it hurts because his heritage dictates that he should hide illness from predators. You may see your pet chewing on one side, eating less, or begging more for softer foods. He may paw or rub at his face or mouth, and he may have swollen gums or brownish teeth. Bad breath is common with dental disease, and often indicates there is infection present. You may think he is a picky eater when in fact pain prevents him from eating properly. All of these symptoms could mean he is in pain, but has no means to communicate this.

The veterinarians of the Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital will be holding FREE DENTAL SCREENINGS through May to help determine if your pet is in need of dental care.

For National Pet Dental Health Month, and through May, in partnership with our laboratory and vendors, we are discounting the fees for a basic dental ultrasonic scaling, polishing and fluoride treatment. This includes pre-op bloodwork, EKG monitoring, surgical suite monitoring, IV fluids, and antibiotics and pain medication as needed. The total for a basic cleaning and polishing normally ranges between $1040 and $1300, but we are able to offer it now through May for $687.73 or, if you have a senior pet, for $794.19 which includes chest x-rays.* This is a savings of $350 to $600.

In order to help you take advantage of this special offer, we have partnered with Care Credit and are able to offer 6 months interest free financing to those who qualify.

*If your pet requires any additional medical care beyond this offer, such as more extensive dental work, tooth extractions, other surgery performed at the same time as the dental prophylaxis, or any additional diagnostics or treatment needed for illness diagnosed from the pre-ops, there will be additional fees for those services.

Tomorrow morning, when you brush your teeth, the veterinarians at the Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital ask you to consider your pet’s daily dental health to prevent his discomfort and painSee our YouTube demonstration on how to brush your dog’s teeth by clicking on the video below. Participate in this special offer by calling our office to schedule an appointment for a free dental screening and evaluation of your pet’s individual needs.

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