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May 8, 2014 @ 01:36 PM — by Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital

We know how much you care about your dog, and we want to help you to continue his/her good health throughout the senior stage of life. In light of the current economy, our vendors and suppliers have been actively supporting our efforts to bring the best medicine to all of our patients at the lowest possible cost by discounting our initiatives on a limited basis. Preventive medicine may not always be at the top of your list in difficult times, especially when your pet appears to be perfectly healthy, but it is the best way to prevent illness in its earliest stages before it becomes a major problem and a greater expense.

A veterinarian must put together three important pieces of information to complete the picture of your pet’s current health – a medical history, a physical examination, and laboratory test results. All dogs over the age of 7 are considered senior citizens, and the most revealing tests we can perform to determine how your dog is doing at this age are a blood chemistry, complete blood count (CBC), T4 thyroid test, and urinalysis. Normally these tests would cost $469 including an appointment for a physical exam. With our laboratory’s help, on a limited basis, we are able to offer these tests with an examination for a total of $275, a savings of approximately $200. The $275 fee would include having the doctor take a detailed history about your pet, doing a complete exam, and interpreting the blood results. For those who need to budget a bit more but who still want to know if their pets have underlying disease that will show up in blood work, we can provide another option. On a limited basis we will be holding clinics for pets to have their blood drawn and tested for underlying disease. The clinics will be staffed by veterinary technicians who will draw the blood and the entire charge will be only $194. You will be contacted to tell you if the results are normal or not and you will receive a copy of the results.  If the results are abnormal you will need to make an appointment  to see a doctor so that they can consult with you about the abnormalities, take a history, do a physical exam and develop a treatment plan. The cost of the office call would be $83 and any further treatments or tests would be at our regular prices. If your pet’s test results are normal, we still recommend a physical exam every 6 months in order to detect and offer solutions for problems that do not show up in blood analysis.

We know you want to show your dog the same unconditional love dogs give us every day. There is no better gift than health, so please call today to schedule an appointment for our Senior Wellness Clinics.

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