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Jul 21, 2014 @ 10:49 AM — by Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital
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The Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital is offering a Basic Obedience Class to help get your new addition to the family off to the right start. Our goal is to help you build a relationship with your dog, to train your dog to give you his attention when needed for training and safety, and to teach your dog the foundation behaviors which are necessary for all future training and learning.
The Basic Obedience Class is a 6-week program and is offered to puppies, young adults and adults. The first week is an orientation (without pets) about the goals, training techniques, and equipment. Each week a training outline will be handed out. The handouts will review the goals, importance, training tools and verbal cues for each exercise.  
This program will focus on the following behaviors:
  • Attention
  • Place
  • Recall
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Proper Socialization Checklist – How to make exposure to people and other pets fun and positive
  • Schedules and Routines – How to maintain a schedule and routine with puppies and adults to improve behavioral wellness
It is important to understand that each dog has his own unique personality based on genetics, learning, and early experience. We will look for breed characteristics to help you determine innate traits your dog may exhibit. This will help you to better understand your dog.
Living with an untrained dog can be stressful for the dog, as well as his human companion. We offer a positive approach to foundation training to make learning fun for you and your dog. You will learn to train your dog to respond to verbal cues, thereby improving communication, your social relationship, and the quality of life for you and your dog.

About the Trainer

Loraine E. Capurso, CPDT-KA
Loraine is a graduate of Rutgers University, Cook College with a B.S. in Environmental Science. She is a licensed Registered Environmental Health Specialist and conducted inspections in retail food establishments, health care facilities, private horse farms and dog breeding facilities. She is currently employed at the Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital in their Veterinary Technician Training Program. Loraine has owned, trained and showed her Rottweilers successfully for 18 years. She has participated in AKC Breed shows handling her own dogs as well as dogs owned by several clients. She also participated in AKC Herding, Tracking, Agility, and Obedience Trials as well as Pet Therapy in local nursing homes. One of her Rottweilers became the #3 Obedience Rottweiler Overall in the U.S. and achieved a Dog World Award.  Loraine’s dogs have been invited to TV programs such as the Regis & Kathie Lee Show and a Public Service Announcement for the AKC on Canine Good Citizenship. Loraine is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA) and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). Loraine currently shares her home with her husband John, her three boys, Michael, Daniel and John, three cats, an African Grey parrot, Crested Geckos and Ball Python snakes.

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