Good Grooming is Healthy, Too!

Jul 25, 2014 @ 02:17 PM — by Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital
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Why is good grooming important?

In addition to regular veterinary care, a good diet, and physical exercise, grooming is also an important part of your pet’s good health. Here are some reasons why:

  • Combing and brushing your pet can detect skin problems, fleas and ticks, abscesses, infections from matted fur, and life-threatening tumors.
  • Bathing your pet can help treat common conditions such as oily or dry skin, and less common conditions, which can be treated with medicated shampoos. Bathing is also an opportunity to feel any unusual lumps, bumps or scales that may need veterinary attention that could save your pet’s life.
  • Ear cleaning is necessary for prevention and detection of infection, ear mites, and any unusual redness, lumps, bumps, or swelling.
  • Nail clipping can spare your pet from the pain and surgery of a torn nail, or a nail that grows back into the pad.
  • Regular dental examinations and treatments can avoid more costly and painful procedures.
  • Regular grooming can help family members who are allergic to pets.

The Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital has always cared for your pets. Our new grooming staff is also ready to pamper your pets at our grooming salon, next door to our Midland Park office.  

The Whole Dog

60 Goffle Road, Midland Park, New Jersey 07432


Our groomers are individually trained by veterinarians to check your pet for all of these health issues each time they groom your pet. We can provide all of your normal grooming needs PLUS:

  • Pick-up and delivery service
  • Extra care for high-risk patients
  • Individualized stress reduction for anxious or feisty pets
  • Both dogs AND cats are welcome
  • Veterinary services are available

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