Rabid Coyote in Saddle River and Rabid Raccoon in Ridgewood

Apr 20, 2015 @ 11:13 AM — by Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital
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A man who was bitten by a rabid coyote in Saddle River has received treatment for Rabies. We were also notified of a rabid raccoon in Ridgewood this week. Please remember there is no treatment for Rabies in dogs, cats, or ferrets once infected. A dog was also bitten by the same coyote in Saddle RIver, and is now being quarantined for six months. There is a state law that allows the local Board of Health to require pet owners to kill or confine unvaccinated pets for six months after being bitten by potentially rabid animals.

In Saddle River, six of the rabid coyote’s dead pups were found in her den. A search is ongoing for the coyote’s mate or any other offspring. Wild animals are often displaced from wooded areas, and have been seen all over Bergen County, as demonstrated by the bear seen in Ridgewood this weekend. Always contact your veterinarian if your pet comes into contact with a wild animal. If vaccinated, your pet will need a booster vaccine.

Indoor pets are subject to the same laws as outdoor pets when it comes to exposure to Rabies, and indoor pets are much more likely to be protective if a wild animal wanders into the home. Recently, there were instances of rabid raccoons gaining entry to homes in Kinnelon, one through a cat door and others through the attic and chimney. 

A Client Care Representative can give you the expiration date of your pet’s Rabies Vaccine or review your pet’s medical history on Pet Portals.

Please don’t risk your pet’s life or be forced to quarantine him/her for six months. If your dog, cat, or ferret has not been vaccinated for Rabies, please do so today.  

Visit this link to read the Record’s coverage of the rabid coyote.

Visit this link to see the CBS TV coverage. 

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