Events and News


Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital hosts, sponsors, and participates in a number of events aimed at helping our community’s pets. Animal companions give everyone joy and unconditional love, and we want to shine the spotlight on pets in as many ways as possible. We contribute through various venues, such as Adopt-A-Pet Day, June Adopt-A-Cat Month, Carnivale of the Dogs, and golf events. In addition to the healthcare we deliver every day, these events are our way to share the benefits of the human-animal bond.

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Health Alerts

Just as in our world, pets’ health is also affected by changes in climate, environment, diet, mobility to all areas of the world, and many other variables. We want to keep you aware of common problems and diseases, and alert you to new ones to protect your pet. Our health alert system helps you to sift through this age of too much information so that our veterinarians can help you make the best choices and keep you on top of the most current and vital concerns for your pets.

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If you have love in your heart and room in your home, someone is waiting for you at one of our adoption venues. Our signature event is Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital’s Adopt-A-Pet Day, where we host 30 shelters and rescue groups who bring 300 pets for adoption, held once or twice a year. June is Adopt-A-Cat Month, and we have rescue groups with cats available for adoption on Sundays in June. Stay connected for information regarding past and future adoption events. Give a pet a second chance and experience the joy that a pet can bring to your home.

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