Pet Testimonials

Miracle Stories

Employees and clients share inspiring stories about our amazing pets, and the beauty of their enduring spirit. Laugh and cry at the incredible obstacles overcome, the lessons taught, the love they give us unconditionally, and the devotion they inspire in us to keep them in our lives.

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Employee Pets

Meet our pets! The number one question asked at an interview for a position at the Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital is “Why do you want to work in a veterinary hospital?” Unless part of the answer includes a love of animals, the applicant is not hired! Enjoy our stories regarding our own pets and know that we treat yours the same way, every day, because we understand. < Learn More About Employee Pets

Senior Wellness Stories

Our pets age, just as we do, but they age faster and they can’t always tell us about the ailments they endure. The stories shared here come from the hearts of those who cared enough to allow a veterinarian perform some simple tests, and the results demonstrate the value of Senior Wellness examinations for your pets over 7 years of age.

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TCC Warriors - In Memoriam

Some diseases demand more of our pets, and Transitional Cell Carcinoma is one of them. These are the stories of the brave pets whose lives were lengthened by a procedure only available at Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Dean Cerf, the innovator of this treatment, uses laser, ultrasound and endoscopy to ablate the tumor. He has lectured at conferences and held classes for veterinarians in the U.S. and other countries to help dogs live longer, quality lives. These are stories by people who loved their dogs, and are grateful for every day they were given.

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In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to beloved pets who have passed. It takes time for the sadness to fade, but we hope you will also share your stories about the joy and unconditional love your pet gave you. Feel free to send us your memories and honor your loved ones as you heal. They wouldn’t want you to be sad for long.

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