Ishboo Paladino

Tonight we had to make the absolute worst decision ever...
Ishboo Bojangles, 2/10/2000-12/30/2015, crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 8:37 p.m. We will never forget the day when I told my son "let’s go get a dog!” AND then we adopted ISHBOO....He had the most amazing life, Rob & I adopted him when we lived in Virginia. He went back & forth to JMU (college) with Rob.....WAS loved by everyone who met him ...He adored kids, his treats, his toys, car, stealing food off the table, belly rubs, the park etc....ME (his mommy) and of course Rob.....NO dog can ever be as good, loving and as sweet as Ishboo. He touched the heart of many with his sweet personality & that tail that was always wagging...and he always greeted you with a smile. :-)
BUT his legs grew weak, unable to walk alone, his organs were failing him, he lost a lot of muscle mass, did not want to play with his toys anymore. I did everything and more for him in his senior years. The past few months he had been losing a lot of weight. He had stopped eating all his favorite food ....He had to be fed (forced) with a syringe for the past week.... .His quality of life was just gone...We had to do right by him at this point..I was extremely devastated and my heart was torn apart......BUT I would never prolong his life just for me ....THAT is just cruel & selfish.....Rob & I were with him when he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He was in my arms and I kissed him as he crossed over.....I AM sure he is running, pain free, sniffing other dogs, tugging at his rope toy & monkey begging for treats ....I LOVE YOU ISHY.....You will always be in my heart....I will see you again someday baby boy xoxoxoxo
THANK you to Dr. Healey....I love you Dr., YOU were amazing with Ishboo, right to the end sent him off with love & dignity ....And were so kind & compassionate with him....Rob & I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Lee Ann & Rob