Miracle Molly

Molly, my beautiful chocolate lab, became a senior citizen. Working at the Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital, we are taught the importance of regular examinations and a Senior Wellness Exam, even if nothing seems wrong with your pet. We are taught that bloodwork checks to make sure the kidneys and liver are functioning properly, and an EKG and ultrasound checks for heart rhythms and function. A urinalysis checks for kidney problems, infections, and diabetes. 

Expecting that nothing was wrong with my Molly at 12 years of age, you can imagine my surprise when Dr. Cerf told me that an ultrasound revealed a 9 ½ pound tumor attached to her spleen! It was a hematoma, a tumor of blood vessels, which could have burst at any time and become a life threatening emergency. Dr. Cerf hoped to delay the surgery a few days to strengthen Molly before this dangerous procedure, but it quickly became apparent that it was necessary to operate immediately.

Thanks to the talent and expertise of Dr. Cerf, Molly pulled through the surgery and the critical period after surgery. She came home 3 days later with 48 staples and a wagging tail, overjoyed and playing like a young dog.

Molly was given a wonderful new life, which was extended by three beautiful, healthy years, for which I will eternally be grateful. She will always be the answer when people say to me, "Does my pet really need a Senior Wellness Exam?" 

Joan D'Angelo