Mollie's Fountain of Youth

Mollie is our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She was already 13 years and 2 months when she met Dr. Healey, certified acupuncturist in veterinary medicine at Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital. Many would have turned to the last page in the book of her life and written the END! Not so at Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital. 

Mollie's ailments are numerous and her senior years are challenging to her. With Dr. Healey's high tech veterinary skills those that come through the doors with soulful eyes, experience the creed of Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital's Doctors and Staff. "Hands that Heal, and Hearts that Care." It's not magic, it's high tech veterinary medicine enhanced with the ancient Chinese means of healing.......known as acupuncture. After only a few acupuncture sessions where tiny needles are placed painlessly by Dr. Healey, channels of energy are opened from head to toe and down the spine points throughout her body. 

Mollie ("Gracie Rose") now enjoys being 14 years and 4 months, thanks to Dr. Healey's skilled hands in acupuncture. Mollie has a new quality of life, sort of a new zest and love of life. Mollie has found her "Fountain of Youth"! 

Sister John and Sister Beverley