Our Mollie

We adopted Mollie from a rescue group in April 2001 after our first dog, Pippin, a beagle died of a rare lymphoma. She was estimated to be about 2 at the time. We both wanted another beagle, but I wanted a more mellow, sweeter personality than Pippin had been yet we also wanted the fun-loving beagle exuberance that Pippin had. Mollie has been just that. She's very sweet and affectionate but also loves long walks in the woods, seeing her dog friends (and people friends too) and also just being mellow, relaxing and listening to music. She loves it when I play my violin.

In February of 2008 we brought Mollie to our local vet and after several tests, they suspected bladder cancer. Usually a death sentence, our vet knew of Dr. Cerf at Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital and she referred us to him. Dr. Cerf confirmed that Mollie had TCC and we've been managing her illness ever since. Dr. Cerf has thus far (January 2009) done 6 laser procedures on Mollie along with two cruciate ligament surgeries. Mollie was feeling so good after her first procedure, she leaped off the bed and tore her cruciate ligament. Dr. Cerf is also an incredible orthopedic surgeon and he repaired the first one. Several weeks later, after another laser procedure, Mollie went and tore her other cruciate ligament which led to surgery once again. Now her knees are totally healed and she is hiking through the woods and taking long walks once again.

Mollie gets the best care at Ridgewood. Dr. Cerf is so knowledgeable and innovative along with great bedside manner. I should have such a doctor for myself. Kathy Wyder his senior vet tech is also an incredible person-competent, smart and extremely caring. Thanks to Dr. Cerf, Kathy, and all the staff at Ridgewood, Mollie continues to be a happy little dog. Our friends who see her, can't believe she's sick. So as long as she continues to have a good quality of life, we will continue with the laser procedures to keep the TCC under control. She has such joy of life and has given us so much, how could we not.

Linda, Paul & Mollie McNamara