Anka Sharpe


MARCH 24, 1997 TO FEBRUARY 3, 2012

Anka bravely fought her transitional cell cancer (TCC) of the bladder for the last two years of her life. She never lost her smile through the operations, tests and drug treatments and she never lost her unique ability to make every adult and child she met feel special. We want to thank Dr. Dean Cerf, Dr. Tara Johnson, Dr. Travis Cerf and all the wonderful staff of the Ridgewood Animal Clinic for their professional and compassionate care of Anka and ourselves as we traveled through our difficult journey together.

Anka loved people. She believed that her mission in life was to bring a little bit of happiness into the lives of everyone she happened to meet during the day. She accomplished this mission by staring and smiling at all and any passerby until they finally returned her smile.

Over the years we were always amazed by Anka's powers to cheer up even the biggest grumps. She would pick them out of a crowd and somehow turn them towards her to make eye contact. We would watch as they slowly were lifted out of their worrisome thoughts and tuned into Anka's stare. Their look of surprise would give way to a smile. Anka knew that she had helped to brighten that person's day and that they would remember their encounter with her.

The world was a happier place when Anka walked in it. She literally cheered folks from one to one hundred. In one day she brought smiles to the faces of a one year old girl and a hundred year old man.

Anka was our life support system. She loved life, people and food. We were blessed to have known her and now that she is gone we are lost without her. Anka taught us to live in each moment and notice and appreciate everything around us. She also taught us that some rules are meant to be broken. She faced everyday with a smile and never gave up.

Thank you, Anka. We love you and miss you so much.

Cathy, Howard, Lacy, Samson and Gabby Sharpe