Betsy Biro

It's been a year now since our beloved dog Betsy passed away (May 2014) and I am just bringing myself to write her tribute now. The oldest living TCC Warrior, that's what Betsy was, one of Dr. Cerf's little troopers who helped pioneer the way for other dogs to survive the illness. She was diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma approximately five years ago, and underwent two laser surgeries by Dr. Cerf and was monitored periodically. She did great for those five years but succumbed to old age and passed away at approximately 15+ years old last May.

Betsy was an amazing dog, very intelligent, and very loving, and very protective of her family. We acquired Betsy through a shelter and got her as a constant companion for our dad. At that time our sister, who had Down Syndrome, was living with our dad as well and was Betsy's first caregiver and Betsy adored her and was awesome with Jennifer. Both our dad and Jennifer, and now Betsy, too, have passed away. Betsy is survived by her brother Joseph and sister Cheryl.

A lab/shepherd mix, Betsy learned the "high-five paw" right away and needed no leash when walked daily at home; she would never veer far from her own backyard. She loved all of her four family members equally; she was crazy about each one of us. In her latter years, Dr. Cerf even made Betsy a TV star! She appeared with him on an episode of "The Pet Stop" on Channel 12 NJ.

It seems our beloved animals are only on this planet such a short time with us so it is imperative to enjoy them while they are here. We are so grateful to Dr. Cerf and his great team for all the care they gave Betsy and for extending her life those five years. Betsy, we miss you so much.

Cheryl & Joseph