Veterinary Care for Birds at our Ridgewood and Midland Park, New Jersey Veterinary Hospital

Those who have pet birds know they can make great companions. Not only are many birds replete with beautiful colors, but their songs can really make a house come alive or their “human-like voices” can amuse us for hours. Like other kinds of pets, birds have unique needs. Birds are well known for being slow to exhibit signs of disease, and for this reason it is recommended that birds be taken to see an avian veterinarian at least twice each year. At our veterinary hospital with locations in Ridgewood and Midland Park, New Jersey, veterinary care is provided to determine if birds have potentially dangerous parasites or diseases and, if so, how they can best be treated. If you are a bird owner and are seeking an experienced group of avian veterinarians for a regular checkup or to address a specific issue, contact Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital today.

Avian Veterinarian Services at Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital

The services our avian veterinarians provide are designed to provide for the full range of a bird's needs. The staff at our Ridgewood and Midland Park, New Jersey facilities provides everything from advanced endoscopic and ultrasound examinations to grooming services, and much more. Our veterinary services for birds include:

  • Regular physical examinations, typically every 6 to 12 months
  • Fecal examination for parasites, abnormal bacteria, or yeast
  • Blood test
  • Grooming, including beak, nail, and wing trimming
  • Band removal
  • Dietary assistance
  • Treatment of feather picking and other behavioral difficulties
  • Egg binding treatment

Indicators of Avian Illness

When a bird is sick, excessive weight loss or weight gain may occur. Birds may also sit quietly in their cages, experience changes in dropping color or consistency, or exhibit a crusty substance on their beaks or eyes. If you notice these or other suspected symptoms of disease, please do not hesitate to see an avian veterinarian. At our veterinary hospital, we help bird owners from Ridgewood, Midland Park, Mahwah, Paramus, and other areas throughout New Jersey determine if their pet bird is sick through blood tests, fecal analysis, and a complete physical exam, among other steps.

Learn More about Veterinary Care for Birds at Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital

With a complete range of veterinary care services for birds, we at Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital serve Midland Park, Mahwah, Paramus, and other areas. Each of our avian veterinarians is dedicated to helping birds live longer, healthier lives. Birds are an important part of many households, and our goal is always to make obtaining advanced care for pet birds as easy as possible. To learn more, contact Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital today.