Boarding (Minimal Hospital Care)

Our guests adapt very well to the environment we have created for their comfort and pleasure. We provide the next best thing to being home, and your pet is veterinary supervised. Most of all we provide love and attention for your precious family member. Please fill out a boarding form for each pet so that we can stay as close as possible to their home schedule. Enjoy your vacation knowing your pet is safe and sound with us.

Our guests’ accommodations include:

  • Climate controlled with heat/air conditioning
  • Radiant heat in half of flooring so that pets can choose cool/warm conditions
  • An air filtration system for pets with allergies, and a constant fresh air flow from outside
  • Eukanuba (or owner provided food) served; pets are weighed daily for health maintenance
  • Fresh water provided at all times
  • Exercise/walking provided 3-4 or more times a day for dogs
  • Elevated beds in each run for dogs, and cozy bedding/towels provided for each cat (leave a slept-in t-shirt with us so your pet can be comforted by your scent!)
  • Pets’ quarters are cleaned and sanitized regularly, and as needed throughout the day
  • Veterinarians and a caring, skilled staff on the premises
  • Lots of love and attention


Read this article by Marilyn Farrar-Wagner for answers, or contact us anytime.