Chiropractic Care and Rehabilitation

Chiropractic care is designed to improve the health and function of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. Chiropractic care aims to reduce or eliminate the impact of skeletal disorders and their impact on overall health and well-being. Just as many humans have experienced relief from pain as a result of chiropractic care, so are an increasing number of pets. Through veterinary chiropractic care at our Ridgewood and Midland Park locations serving Mahwah, Paramus, Glen Rock, and all of Northern New Jersey, dogs, cats, and other pets can enjoy increased comfort for the duration of their lives.

About Chiropractic Care and Rehabilitation

Chiropractic care aims to correct vertebral subluxations, or misaligned or dysfunctional spinal joint relationships. When vertebral joints are not properly aligned, the body's function can be affected and pain can be the result. Fixation may also occur, in which a spinal joint is fixed in place or otherwise does not move properly. Just like humans experience back and neck pain as a result of these subluxations, so do dogs, cats, and other pets. Chiropractic care can also help provide relief from arthritis, one of the main causes of inactivity in older pets. With more than 100 joints in the spine of a dog or cat, you can see how pets might need the same care that we do. At Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital, a pet chiropractor can help relieve pain through controlled manipulation of the spine and other joints.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Pets

While chiropractic care has been practiced for over a hundred years, and has help countless people find freedom from pain, the service has begun to be performed for our beloved pets in only the past few decades. At Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital, we are always proud to provide the very latest treatments and techniques to help improve the quality of pets' lives. Through the provision of veterinary chiropractic care, our pet chiropractors are proud to provide wide ranging treatment possibilities to meet pets' needs. Benefits of chiropractic care include:

  • Relief from pain without drugs or side effects
  • Relief of misaligned or immobile spinal joints
  • Enhanced flexibility and range of motion

Chiropractic Treatment Regimen

Because each pet has unique needs, recommended treatments and treatment frequency and duration also differ. Veterinary chiropractic care begins with a thorough veterinarian examination of the spine, and in some cases other joints. An X-ray of the spine is frequently taken to help determine the appropriate treatment area or areas, and other tests may be performed to rule out other potential healthy issues. If chiropractic care is found to be appropriate, periodic treatment will be suggested for a specific time period, depending on the severity of the spinal dysfunction and your pet's unique needs.

Learn More About Chiropractic Care at Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital

If you have witnessed a decrease in your pet's mobility, or if your pet seems to exhibit feelings of pain, a pet chiropractor at Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital can help you determine if chiropractic care is the appropriate form of treatment. We are proud to help those who see us find real solutions, and this is why we offer the most comprehensive possible care. To learn more about chiropractic care for dogs, cats, and other pets, contact us today.