Dr. Johnson Speaks to Ramapo Kennel Club on Chiropractic Care

In April, Dr. Tara Johnson, D.C. spoke to the members of Ramapo Kennel Club on the benefits of chiropractic care for pets. She explained what chiropractic is, what the indications for care are, and how it can help improve the quality of our pets' lives.

Chiropractic is a therapy that treats joint and nerve dysfunction without the use of medication or surgery. Simply put, it is a mechanical solution to the mechanical problem of subluxation - a common joint disorder that often leads to inflammation and irritation of surrounding tissues and nerves.

Pain, altered nerve function, loss of ligamentous strength, degenerative arthritis, and progressive joint immobilization (fusion) are all common ailments associated with this condition. In conjunction with proper veterinary care, chiropractic can decrease pain, increase range of motion, lessen the effects of degenerative arthritis, and offer our furry friends relief and the promise of a more comfortable and active lifestyle.

Chiropractic is an alternative that can help animals experience life to the fullest without pain.