Veterinary Stem Cell Therapy

What does Vet-Stem do?


Vet stem isolates regenerative cells from a small sample of an animal's own fat for treatment of tendons, ligaments, and joints. Stem cells are multi-potent and can differentiate into tendon, ligament, bone, cartilage, cardiac, nerve, muscle, blood vessels, fat, and liver tissue. Recently, regenerative medicine has been used in chronic osteoarthritis of the elbow, stifle, and hip of the dog. 


How well does this therapy work?


The pets that have been treated by this type of therapy have shown great improvement in quality of life and have increased activity levels. More than 75% of owners reported an improved quality of life.

What does the future hold?


The future of stem cells in veterinary medicine is extremely exciting and developing rapidly. There are current studies in areas of liver disease, renal disease, and immune mediated disease. In the future, stem cells may be a viable option for treating a variety of diseases from skin allergies to inflammatory bowel disease.

If you have any questions regarding this regenerative therapy, please contact Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital by calling 201-447-6000 or email website, has a lot of great information and is currently the only company working with veterinary stem cells and veterinarians.